The medical market requires high-technology solutions and advanced competences. That’s what PM-PSM core competencies can offer. Our high quality sheet metal precision parts and constructions causes us to be an appreciated supplier for several medical companies and system integrators.

We invest heavily in knowledge and advanced tools to serve the medical market at best, because we expect an increasing demand for complex systems, modules and related precision sheet metal components and structures due to the growing world population, the senescence, but also the increasing prosperity of the wealthy countries.

PM-PSM has long-term partnerships with international customers in the medical industry and diagnostics. Due to very tight requirements, this market must always provide reliable products and services. It is a market that depends on suppliers who pursue that same quality values and reliability requirements. This is evident in the special emphasis which PM-PSM places on:

  • Highly repeatable quality
  • Traceability
  • Statistical process control
  • Independent automated production and assembly processes
  • ISO Certification

The products which the PM-GROUP delivers besides precision sheet metal parts and structures to this demanding market include:

  • X-ray cover constructions
  • Precision Bearings
  • Motion Solutions
  • Advanced Coatings
  • High-Precision frames
  • Operating table adjustment systems
  • Advanced Mechatronics

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